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About Us one of the first web portal exclusively for suppliers of products was created  in order to assist companies in finding suitable suppliers for their field, but also to give suppliers an opportunity to promote in Romania.

Suppliers Catalog: website registration is for companies that make products trade Business-to-Business type. The companies submitted on there are: Distributors, Manufacturers, Importers, manufacturers, wholesalers etc.

Ads Page: Companies have  the opportunity to make various types of ads where they can promote their products, offers , collaboration, opening outlets, distribution opportunities, participation in events, fairs and trade exopzitii etc. Customers are able to make announcements about products, supplier or collaboration opportunities.

Fairs and Exhibitions: For a better information, we will select each year  the most important national and international fairs. Participation in trade fairs, industrial, discounts, has multiple advantages for  both providers and their partners: developing relationships with customers and potential customers, promote new products, knowledge of the market and competition, etc.

Shopping malls Page: On this page you will find the largest shopping complexes with wholesale and retail sales.

News Page: Articles and news posted on will follow the user information on topics such as market suppliers of products, commercial and tax legislation, news on funding for SMEs, the market wholesale and retail, economics, business, etc. .

Services: Registration to portal and posting ads is designed for companies with commercial activities Business-to-Business.

Companies (suppliers) can choose promoted registering  with the following options.

Company Profile (Ad) underlined : advantages: Highlight the display compared to other companies (ads); increasing the number of viewing profile (Anuta), promotion on major social networks periodically throughout the subscription priority to requests sent by clients.

Company Profile (Ad) top listing. Company Profile (ad) appears among the first companies (ads) category in which it appears highlighted in the display compared to other companies (ads); increasing the number of profile views (ad) promotion on the main social networks periodically throughout the subscription priority to requests sent by clients.

The advantages of, in short:

• The first web portal focused on promoting suppliers.

• Quick, easy and free company profile and announcements posted on the website.

• Diversity of categories where companies can register, so as to identify more with the activity of each company, but also to facilitate the search for suitable suppliers portal users.

• Promote effective and manageable with  low prices.

• Putting up with the latest fairs and trade shows, business events that are to take place.

• Access to the largest shopping complexes with wholesale and retail.

• Inform users on topics in areas such as: Wholesale and retail, business, finance, European funds, SMEs, manufacturing, distribution, etc.


We invite you to be our partners for the development of your business!

Your sincerely,